Candy Steak Recipe

December 14, 2018
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Candy Steak Plated

The finished steak. Yummy!

Candy Steak

This is a delicious and decadent dish that plays with sweet and spicy tastes on a protein, in this recipe a fatty steak, typically I use Snake River Flank Steak. This recipe can be scaled, but is based around 2-4 steaks for a total of 1-2 pounds of meat. The premise is to build a caramelized sear of the steak, and combine sweet and spice tasting notes to play off each other. The honey and soy additionally will naturally help tenderize the meat with natural enzymes. I normally plate this with a stir fry and rice dish, but it can pair with many other arrangements, or be eaten by itself. I recomend experimenting with this recipe to find the taste you love by cooking small bite size peices and scaling the proportions down. That’s how I discovered this recipe, and currently I am playing with other spices to see what other combinations are possible.

The Golden Spice Ratio

Candy Steak Ingredients

All the ingredients needed.

Measure and combine the spices in the following ratios.

12 Parts Steak : 6 Parts Honey : 3 Parts Soy : 1 Part Spice

For example:

1 kg Steak : 500 g Honey : 256 ml Soy : 40 g Spice

I typically start with an entire honey container, and after adding the honey to the Ziploc bag, I use that container and a kitchen scale to mix the rest. Before cooking, the mixture should taste slightly spicy, or warm on the tongue with a lingering heat. After searing below, the flavor should mellow out and have a good balance between spicy and sweet.


Cooking the Candy Steak

Cooking the Candy Steak with Sous Vide

Pan sear and caramelization step

Pan sear and caramelization step

When Grilling

If you decide to finish the searing with a grill - it’s 100% possible, and how this recipe was discovered, but it will take a low and slow approach. Keep drizzling the extra sauce on the steak to keep it moist. The goal is to caramelize the honey, so avoid direct flame when possible.