Youtubers Who Create

November 11, 2018
youtubers creators makers

It’s amazing how the podcast experiment has created an economy for niche-content, and technology makes it feasible to create content that would never have been affordable to produce before. I often get asked what I watch, and while for work I watch a great many varied things, the below are some fun channels I’d recomend, and the creators behind them are worth the watch! These are all Youtube based channels with regular content and I’ll update this post as things come up. Since finding content on Youtube can be hard unless you know what you are specifically looking for - these hopefully will help with Youtube Spelunking.



Jun has a unique style in his videos, always cooking amazing food with care and attention to detail. His cats always help him cook and keep tabs on progress.


Alec Steele

Alec is a passionate young maker with a smile on his face, a joke in one hand, and a forging hammer in the other. He’s one to watch.

Man at Arms

Give this a watch to see high quality, yet really odd builds based in video games or stories.

Computer Building & Modding

GGF Events

Check out these really interesting custom computer builds.

Vehicle Makers

Trent Palmer

Trent does more than just work on planes, but watch him explore with his Kit Fox.

Street Bandito

Fun builds - especially the full carbon body Z build. Very cool to watch.

B is for Build

This is a really young and fun channel with a Portlander who builds project cars, usually from a donor car.