Ford Focus RS - Brakes Set Up

June 18, 2018
Ford Ford RS Brakes

Ford RS Brake Upgrade

Choosing what brakes, rotors, pads, and fluid can be a bit religious at times, especially without a data sheet. Selection isn’t that great either on the performance side either with few options. So I thought I’d share the parts and performance of those parts here. I’ll add more information as it becomes available.

Check out more about the Ford Focus RS Project here:

To start, I had the goal of upgrading from the stock very capable rotors to two-piece sets so I could minimize heat transference and more cheaply swap out rotor bodies separate of the hats. I also wanted to go with slotted rotors to ensure better brake feel under track conditions. Some of these pros/cons are talked about at length here.


I have goals to change fluids less often by putting good fluids in, and reduce waste and time investment. I’ve liked Red Line’s products, and the spec sheet is impressive for a good price. It’s good stuff, with all the heat the brakes can create, I wanted a good fluid to keep up.


No data sheet here, these are 100% for looks, and making me feel like a responsible car owner.

Mountune Brake Hose Set - Steel Braided Lines

Mountune Store Page


Keeping Stock Brembo Calipers, they work just fine.


I decided to go with two piece rotors to make replacement and maintenance down the road easier with a hat and body build. The weight reduction is also very welcome, and is noticeable. I went with RB because of the front and rear two piece kit. They feature a slotted design with minor holes in the slots to help ventilation when under hard braking. I’ve noticed that the brakes on OEM can fade pretty fast on a technical course, so this is a huge improvement to ensure no brake pad gassing is an issue, or that the heat isn’t being controlled.

RB OE Two Piece Rotor Kit for Ford Focus RS 2016+ (P/N 2562 & 2563)

RacingBrake Product Page

Ford RS Brake Upgrade

Ford RS Brake Upgrade


For pads I am using OEM for now for road use, and swapping for track use. OEM pads work perfectly fine, though they emit a massive amount of brake dust. The WINMAX pads are much less dusty, but a bit louder.

Ford RS Brake Upgrade