Ford Focus RS - Rear Suspension Adjustment

June 6, 2020
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Ford RS Suspension Adjustment Upgrades

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The Ford Focus RS MK3 comes with a fairly simple alignment adjustment in the rear, and while it works, it’s not the easiest to adjust, and also doesn’t allow for a wide range of adjustment to the suspension. I’ve been running with a toe adjustment that hasn’t been ideal for a while now which is causing rear tire wear. Also while I don’t run an aggressive lowering rate on the suspension, I like having simple ways to make adjustments to bring the suspension into spec, and the parts these replace are solid non-adjustable parts, so it’s great to have the adjustments available, and the part quality has been really substantial. I have a lot of confidence in my ability to torque these down and not experience and loose adjustments. The strength of the parts appears great as well. Time will tell, but I am optimistic.


Ford RS Suspension Upgrade


HARDRACE camber kit reduces tyre wear and increase tyre durable. Made with HARDENED rubber bushing, provide advanced stability and accurate response steering, especially during high speed driving and cornering.

. One-piece, OEM design . Camber adjustment . Provides stability . Assists to reduce chassis twist and flex. . Increases steering response

Ford RS Suspension Upgrade


Toe arms allow for fine-tuned adjustments to the rear toe in/out setting of the vehicle. It helps to raise straight line stability and road control. Toe arm made with high-strength steel alloys to offer high durability, strength and yet remain light-weight.

. process and painting for the highest durability . Provides stability, increase steering response . Direct bolt on designed

Pictures of them Installed

Ford RS Suspension Adjustment Upgrades

Ford RS Suspension Adjustment Upgrades