Manzanita Coast Cabins Get Away

March 24, 2018
vacation travel

TL:DR - Great Getaway and Place to Stay

Manzanita Coast Kitchen

Ashley and I wanted to unplug for a bit, since it’s been a busy year. So we (entirely Ashley, the finder of all things findable) found a lovely cottage hosted in Manzanita Oregon near the coast. It’s a small coastal town, where things are open sometimes, and things are calmer and simpler. They offer several small homes in various arrangements described here: We stayed in The Cottage which was lovely secluded despite being a quick walk to anywhere.

Manzanita Coast Fireplace

Kerry was an excellent host, and helped us get everything we needed to get going. The space was clean, modern, private, and was a great way to get unplugged for a few days. We enjoyed some hot tub time, cooking inside and outside, since the weather started out sunny, and ended with sleet and snow by the end. Manzanita has great charm, and lots of local quality food, drinking, beaches and in general isn’t busy the way other popular towns have become. If you want a peaceful and easy trip, head out to Manzanita.

I bought some books at the local book store to add to the reading list, and enjoyed some reading and audiobook time: