SCCA Track Night @ Ridge Motorsports Park 8-8-18

August 8, 2018

Pacific Raceways 6-20-18

Alex Witherspoon will be bringing his Ford Focus RS in the Intermediate group

Track Night 2018: Seattle Southwest - August 8

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The event is free for spectators, and it’s encouraged to come watch! Hop on over after work and check it out and stay for as little or as long as you like! Children are welcome and usually have a blast, just remember to bring earplugs for them as it can get a bit loud with the sweet sweet sounds of engines and tires. There is even an open time for anyone to drive the track at slow speeds to see the track layout around ~6PM. If you miss the event, I am sure some of us will be uploading videos later to YouTube. My video content will be added to this page after the event is complete.

Ridge Motorsports Park 8-8-18

Each lap of The Ridge Motorsports Park road circuit thrills with high speed straights and sweeper turns, huge compressions and blind weightless crests, challenging esses, a long carousel turn where you walk the tightrope between speed and grip, a double apex turn leading to another valley and cresting turn leading into a heavy braking zone, a short sprint between tight turns and finally a breathtaking plunge down the ridge into a technically difficult sequence of turns, before going hammer down on the front straight again! All of this in a park-like forest setting, with stunning territorial and mountain views.

Below is the schedule for when different groups and heats will be running!:


3:00PM- Gates Open 3:30PM- Worker Meeting (includes Run/Work participants) 3:45PM - MANDATORY KONI NOVICE MEETING (Novice Paddock) 4:00PM - KONI Novice Group: Paced Laps, MANDATORY ADVANCED GROUP and INTERMEDIATE GROUP BRIEFING 4:20PM - Advanced Group: Session 1 4:25PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 1 (Novice Paddock) 4:40PM - Intermediate Group: Session 1 5:00PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 1 5:20PM - Advanced Group: Session 2 5:25PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 2 5:40PM - Intermediate Group: Session 2 6:00PM - Track Tour Laps (Open to All) 6:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 2 6:40PM - Advanced Group: Session 3 6:45PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 3 7:00PM - Intermediate Group: Session 3 7:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 3 7:40PM - Track Close 9:00PM - Gates Close

  • Times are an approximation (Weather and on-track issues can play havoc with a schedule, and sometimes officials might have to improvise to make sure everyone gets the most out of the event.)