Visiting Donnelly Idaho

July 18, 2018
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A Wildfire Sunset

I spent a week in early July with Ashley and family hanging out at a family cabin near Donnelly and off lake cascade. We had some great weather, and some easy hammock living! - I also was able to remotely work via T-Mobile 4G LTE tethering and a Macbook for work with GitHub. A week on LTE with Zoom meetings and GitHub commits, ok, and a cat video or two was 31GB of LTE data. With the new USB-C Google Pixel 2, I could hook the phone to the laptop’s USB-C port and power everything from the laptop’s power, which got me hours of work at a time.

Hammock by the water

Here was the route we drove in the Tacoma from Portland, Oregon to the Idaho Cabin near Donnelly.

The Route for our Trip

Here was the general area the cabin was at: Maps Link

Every night had great sunsets, with the sun fading over the distant mountain tops. This image was taken as a storm was starting to roll in.

Pretty Water Views

The storms were great too, with some wind, whitecaps, and eventually some thumpers(lightning and thunder) off the lake. It was really nice to hear a storm since leaving Kansas for Oregon, we don’t normally get this kind of weather.

Speaking of Kansas, we also found some Kansas family connections, and some old dishes from Florence Kansas and other geneology items.

A plate from Kasnas that made it to Idaho

A plate from Kasnas that made it to Idaho

As this is posting - I am driving back with Ashley to Portland, OR via I-84. Can’t wait to get back out again!