Ebike Project Guide

A list of ebikes I've been recomending to friends, family.
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For several years now, I have built various motorized bikes, from Wizzy style gas bikes, to electric bikes for offroad, onroad, and long range uses. While I am not an industry expert, I’ve amassed some opinions, and often get asked to share them, so here they are! I’ll keep updating this as more information comes along.

I’ll show a spectrum from DIY builds from parts, to DIY kits, to off the shelf bikes, and some specialty bikes I’d recommend. All of these bikes in this list, I’ve at least ridden once, and seen in person. I can’t attest to all of their long term viability, but this is a great jump off point.

Ultimately, the best value is in building your own electric bike. It’s worth thinking of the electric bike as a few major parts which are now fairly widely available. The bulk of the money will be spent on the Motor, and the Battery. Motors tend to last a long time, batteries depend on the manufacturer and their use.

DIY from Parts

Minimum Hub Motor Build

DIY Bolt on Kit

Good Cheap Ebikes < $1,000

More Performant Ebikes > $1,000

The Specialty EBikes